Monday, August 15, 2011

Creating Meaning

June has been watching Dora The Explorer lately (we try to "shield" her as much as possible from an over abundance of television, but it's one show we don't mind). I was thinking about the show and realized that everyday life can also be an adventure.

We put this concept to the test. When June woke up this past Saturday, we simply said, "today we are going on an adventure." You could tell her eyes lit up with wonder and excitement about what the day would bring. Even though our activities were nothing out of the ordinary, we created a new lens for her to view the world. This new perspective paved the way for our family to feel like we were on an adventure and to enjoy each moment it had to offer.

Being married to a #7 (if you've never taken the Enneagram, I'd highly recommend it... I'm a #1) has challenged me to look at life in a different way. Life is unmanageable (as much as it pains me to say this being a #1). I can't control life. I can't control getting hurt, the chaos of society or the fact that my daughter will watch shows that I don't approve of.

So what can I do? I have the choice to create meaning. I can create adventures out of everyday activities. I can help widen my daughter's eyes to new possibilities. I can hold my hands open and be thankful for things I do have and let go of the things I can't control. I can surrender myself to a higher power.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nine Years and Counting...

Today is our 9th wedding anniversary. I feel like this year has been transformational for us. Not in the sense where there was one big "wow" moment that changed us. It was in the everyday moments and choices that shaped who we are becoming as a couple, as individuals and as a family. Here's a few of my favorite highlights...
  • Started to take bi-yearly getaways (just the two of us) for reflection, goal setting and pure gluttony (movie watching, junk food eating, etc)
  • Took risks to pursue our calling - Turned down more secure jobs and started MyOhai and Open Hand Initiative
  • Lived in our means - Sold our 2004 Accord for a 2000 Volvo (yep, it's a wagon) and traded cable for a Netflix Roku Box (saved us $300/month)
  • Discovering and living in our strengths - Took StrengthFinders and started meeting with Walter Sawatzky, an amazing life coach
  • Developed a routine that works for us (Scott get June ready M-Th, I get her ready F-Su)
  • Implementing "Family Night Outs" - This is June's first carousel ride

  • Being committed to our community at Salford Mennonite Church. They have been a solid ground for us to grow. We appreciate and love them.
May you too take time to reflect, be thankful for what has shaped you, and be inspired to change in whatever ways you dream possible.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Civil Wars

We just bought tickets to go see The Civil Wars in concert at World Cafe Live. We saw them play at the Tin Angel this past fall and loved every minute. Here is a recent performance of their new song featured on the Jay Leno show for your enjoyment.

Show is Feb 17! We'd love to see you there. Purchase tickets here.

A Budding Partnership

Scott and I recently started working with Kevin High Photography (KHP) for MyOhai. Well, let me rephrase that. We swapped services! Kevin took our family photos and we met with him and his wife, Kerry, to discuss the strategy for KHP. There is something satisfactory about finding strengths in yourself and others and utilizing those strengths to serve one another.

I found a lot of similarities between the High's and Scott & I. We are husband and wife teams that are working together to provide for our families, but not in a typical way. Our jobs are not 9-5, they aren't steady incomes and they don't provide benefits. To some, this is risky. However, to us, doing something you don't love is a greater risk. Life is too short.

Kevin has definitely found something he loves and something he is great at! The photo session we had with him was the most relaxing photo shoot I've ever been a part of. And, we have a 16 month old daughter which isn't an easy thing to photograph. Here are some of my favorites:

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I woke up the other morning with a sense of acceptance. I am a working mom. For a long time, I have felt the need that I needed to pick between one or the other; investing my time mainly in my career or my daughter. Why not both? So, this blog will be dedicated to my everyday and extraordinary life events, as a mom and as a worker.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's Been A While

Wow. I didn't realize how long it has really been since I blogged. It has been a LONG time. For my avid readers, I am still a "silent observer" on your blogs and haven't missed a thing! Let me take the time to catch you up.

I am in a period of discovery. Discovering being a wife, a mom, a friend and worker and me. I am also starting to discover faith again (we found this awesome church that we love, Salford Mennonite Church) which helps.

Lately, Scott and I have been going for mini hikes with June on the Perkeominville Trail. There is something about being with nature that is calming. We have never gone for a hike and come home stressed. Normally, we stop at the Double Dipper Deli for some Leiby's ice cream. It is AMAZING!! My favorite flavors are Almond Joy and Milky Way. I would post of picture of how cute June looks when Scott carries her in her thing, but I don't have any. Next time we go, I'll take a pic.

I'm trying to enjoy life more and not be so stressed out. Some things I'm doing to enjoy life are taking time to journal, getting more sleep, going in the hot tub more, taking time for myself throughout the week, not doing something if I don't feel like it (i.e. the dishes), having a no list day, identifying with the positive things about myself instead of the negative, exercising, going for walks, eating ice cream, being honest with my emotions and admitting I'm not perfect. I'm liking the progress so far! I really feel like I'm getting to enjoy life more.

June is almost crawling. I can't believe it. She is 8 months. Her is a pic for your enjoyment.

That is all for now. I don't want to bore you with too many updates. I will try to be better about writing.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

June Updates

Okay, here is your typical mom post, but I had to do it. Here are the top ten things that make me smile when I think of June.

1. If you stick your tongue at her and make a noise, she will do it back.

2. She sometimes chokes while I'm feeding her breast milk and when she coughs, she farts at the same time.

3. She constantly eats her hand like it is the best tasting thing in the world.

4. She likes to be naked. Whenever she has her clothes off she laughs and smiles and absolutely LOVES it. As soon as you go to put her clothes back on, she starts to cry.

5. One of her many nick names is "Bam Bam" because she raises her legs and smacks them against the ground over and over and over again.

6. When she looked at Spike and finally discovered he was "different" and started laughing at him.

7. When she knows Scott is home, but he hasn't come over to her yet, it doesn't matter what she is doing, she stops and stares at him until he looks over at her and then she just smiles.

8. When I go to pick her up from her crib in the morning, she gives me this great big smile... there is nothing like it.

9. Right before she goes to bed at night, she gets really giddy. I tickle under her chin or her stomach and she lets out this deep belly laugh that just makes me laugh.

10. Whenever she is next to Tov (my friend Sarah's baby), they hold hands and poke at each other. It is SOOOOOOO cute!